Master Data Management (MDM) with TIBCO EBX.

Master Data Management

Polarising’s last month TALKing session, our knowledge-sharing internal meetings, was dedicated to the newest TIBCO EBX, a centralized solution for data modelling that allows organizations to assure data integrity and consistency between their inner systems and departures.

Nowadays, any organization is focused on how to address their applications integration, since they are crucial to manage and deliver the information flow and optimize the implementation of operational requirements.

TIBCO EBX help us to share data assets in an agile and flexible way through a well-designed model that must reflect your own business needs, which is the first step of any MDM solution.

These applications (per kind of data) are fully configurable and don’t require long hours of custom development. We’re talking about data as product catalogs, HR, supplies, you name it.

This is how a high-level EBX Architecture looks like:

modelo ebx polarising
Image: Copyright from TIBCO

EBX success relies on the input of the several intervenient roles besides the Administrator: it is the Data Analyst and the Data Owner that have the Enterprise Data knowledge.

Also, it gives the opportunity to create relatively effortless workflows to automate tasks, providing some out-of-the-box service scripts to be executed. A little more to detail, an EBX Architecture presents itself like this:

Image: Copyright from TIBCO

The data modeling solution that will deliver the Future.

TIBCO EBX is a new modelling leading customized product that allows different applications to communicate efficiently between them and to users, allowing unrestricted sharing of data and business processes among any connected applications and data sources in the organization.

The data modeling solution

According to our integration experts, due to an increasing specialization of the applications, TIBCO EBX will enrich Polarising’s MDM portfolio, delivering data modelling and exposing data in a fresh and user-friendly way. It also stands out among its main competitors, like IBM InfoSphere or SAS DataFlux.

Fábio Martins, the first Polarising Senior Integration consultant to have training on EBX, believes that these sessions are an opportunity to deliver and share inside-out know-how:

“TIBCO EBX is a lead product in MDM solutions, an area that allows me to experiment outside my comfort zone. By doing so, I’m challenging myself to develop new skills. And gaining the privilege to offer something new and worthful to our clients.”

Fábio Martins

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