Polarising’s Tech Team is Sharing Knowledge

React Test-Driven Development.

At the start of my journey in testing React applications, I experienced frustration with the diversity of testing approaches, methods, and technologies utilized. I found myself asking questions such as “Where do I begin?” and “What precisely should I be testing?”. Some React components appeared to be so simple that…

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Agile Scrum Master: My experience with K21.

It was two days of atypical training. Marcos Garrido from K21 made sure of this. Well, for starters he doesn’t follow a classic training plan with the monotonous slide show, not at all. Marcos chose to propose a more relaxed way of passing knowledge, more agile. We had an interactive…

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Agile Sprint development: what are the secrets for success?

Project development through sprints is done by a series of iterations that divide the work into tasks to be completed in short periods of time. Many Developers that are familiar with sprints recognise that this methodology helps to deliver a better quality software with fewer headaches. But an Agile Sprint…

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Mulesoft: Log4j2 Vs JSON Logger

Polarising’s Mulesoft CoE team has been exploring Mulesoft technology almost a year from now. One of our first findings is related to the importance of logs in the analysis and tracking of requests, and this article is dedicated to this subject and to understand where the transactions are. As a…

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