Polarising’s Tech Team is Sharing Knowledge

Mulesoft: Log4j2 Vs JSON Logger

Polarising’s Mulesoft CoE team has been exploring Mulesoft technology almost a year from now. One of our first findings is related to the importance of logs in the analysis and tracking of requests, and this article is dedicated to this subject and to understand where the transactions are. As a log …
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Keep track of your Software (2/2)

While developing a project, it is not uncommon that the project is divided into several stages. Using Scrum terminology, the project has several sprints in which some predetermined features are delivered, and at the end of the sprint one of these deliverables is the handover, helping to identify what was …
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Give semantic to your Software (1/2)

Software versioning exists for a long time, and most enterprises use Versioning to identify their software. We can see Versioning applied into a desktop application, web applications, libraries, APIs and other applications, and with Versioning we can correlate features and issues to a version. From the end user’s point of view, …
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Master Data Management (MDM) with TIBCO EBX.

Polarising’s last month TALKing session, our knowledge-sharing internal meetings, was dedicated to the newest TIBCO EBX, a centralized solution for data modelling that allows organizations to assure data integrity and consistency between their inner systems and departures. Nowadays, any organization is focused on how to address their applications integration, since they …
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Do you have an idea? Create an MVP!

What is an MVP? The term “MVP” was first introduced by Frank Robinson in 2001 and stands for “Minimum Viable Product”. It’s used to build a set of simple core features for any product, allowing it to be deployed and absolutely nothing more. It creates enough features of functionality to satisfy …
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