TIBCO Integration Services

The main TIBCO services provider in Portugal.
tibco integration service polarising

Polarising offers a vast expertise in Integration Services and provides Professional services to create event-enabling software solutions. We deliver solutions based on TIBCO BusinessWorks (version 5, 6 or Container Edition), and TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM products to more specific ones, such as TIBCO Spotfire or TIBCO EBX™.

Expertise to your Integration challenges.

We have developed a proprietary framework to accelerate the implementation of any TIBCO BW platform, and also several Plug-ins to assure and control the quality of the code developed with both TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ 5, BusinessWorks™ 6 and BusinessWorks™ Container Edition products.

High Developer Productivity

Comprehensive platform that allows fast development cycles that accelerate connectivity through a visual, no-code development experience.

Open and Extensible Platform

Native support for several DevOps and CI/CDs platforms that allow to fit in whatever existing choice of tooling.

Streaming analytics

Live and streaming advance analytics and predictive models, based on a visual development environment to quickly enable systems to score data, send alerts, and quickly take action that is timely and contextual.

Support for Any API Specification

Native support for standards like Open API (OAS), GraphQL, AsyncAPI and gRPC, allowing to use the right connectivity for your integration use case. platform that allows fast development cycles that accelerate connectivity through a visual, no-code development experience.

Fully Integrated Messaging

Native support for several industry messaging standards and protocols (JMS, Kafka, MQTT, etc.)

Orchestrated Data Services

Data-as-a-Service approach that allows to unify disparate data without creating copies or siloes. The data ship feature dynamically moves data at runtime to high-performance systems for added optimization. Caching options boost speed and flexibility.

Deployment Flexibility

Support for several deployment ecosystems: on-premises, the TIBCO Cloud™ environment, a wide variety of public and private clouds, serverless, containers, and even edge devices.

Process Orchestration and Management

Comprehensive platform for Business Process Management that allows to seamlessly integrate disperse information silos, managing every process from start to end and generating data-driven insights.

Visual API Orchestration

Native visual flow editor that allows to implement simple APIs, complex orchestrations and business logic, all with a no-code experience.

Event Processing

Gather streaming events from several sources and systems using pre-built connections, allowing to filter, transform or aggregate which events are relevant.

As the main provider of TIBCO services in Portugal, we have the capacity to build up flexible teams that operate in a nearshore model working from Lisbon headquarters in Portugal. We also can allocate senior consultants that can travel occasionally to our client’s locations.

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