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integration services polarising nearshore portugal

Polarising is a key European player both in TIBCO and Integration Nearshore services. Our focus is to build the one-stop-shop specialized team to each of our client’s integration products and services.

With extensive know-how in the TIBCO stack, MuleSoft or WSO2 platforms, as well as Spring integration and custom tools, Polarising successfully delivers the most complex projects across many European clients.

integration services polarising nearshore portugal

Integration Nearshore Services

With Over 120 integration consultants and a nearshore factory establish in Lisbon (Portugal), Polarising delivers projects for more than 20 clients, simultaneously. We have an in-depth know-how in the most used Integration technologies in today’s IT architectures.

tibco integration service polarising

TIBCO Services

Polarising’s DNA is to deliver the best TIBCO services as a nearshore company from Portugal. We deliver know-how in most TIBCO products, such as TIBCO BusinessWorks 5 and 6, TIBCO BW Container Edition, TIBCO Cloud integration, TIBCO Mashery, TIBCO Spotfire, TIBCO Data Virtualization, TIBCO EBX, TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM or TIBCO BusinessEvents.

ws02 services integration services polarising nearshore portugal

WSO2 Services

Polarising’s dedicated team of WSO2 services delivers projects around the world, from WSO2 initial installations to training and full projects development.

mulesoft integration services polarising nearshore portugal

MuleSoft Services

Polarising’s MuleSoft services team has more than 20 certified senior consultants in Mulesoft, also experienced in other integration technologies like TIBCO and/or WSO2.
We are focused on creating API-led solutions in the cloud and on-premises. With Polarising’s custom framework we can accelerate developments using a common baseline with reusable components, allowing our clients to embrace the cloud without neglecting legacy systems.

Markets and Architectures

Polarising is a technology-first services company that addresses all vertical markets, with renowned experience in Banking, Telecommunications, Energy, Travel, Insurances, Media, Health or E-Commerce.
We deliver the most suitable architecture, building each use-case based on the clients’ strategy, needs and existing IT landscapes. Polarising consultants are proficient in developing integration projects with several architectures such as APIs, Microservices, SOA, MDM, BPM, EDA, ESB, Messaging, or even RPA.

integration services polarising nearshore portugal
integration services polarising nearshore portugal

Capacity and Certifications

Polarising consultants have more than 100 certifications in different areas of the Integration portfolio, from TIBCO to MuleSoft, WSO2 and Spring.

Vendors Partnership

Polarising is a trusted partner of reference vendors like TIBCO, MuleSoft, WSO2, Transformation Experts for providing several Vendor Professional Services.
Whether you need support with Transformation Projects or Migration Projects, Polarising is the right partner you can trust.

→ Contact us to have more information on our projects developed for platform evolution and version upgrading.
integration services polarising nearshore portugal

Polarising Products for Integration

Polarising has created custom made products to accelerate the development of integration projects in each client.

Development Framework for TIBCO BW5

Development Framework for TIBCO BW6

Development Framework for TIBCO BWCE

DevOps accelerator for TIBCO Cloud Integration (BWCE)

Development Framework for WSO2 Enterprise Integrator

Development Framework for MuleSoft Anypoint

SonarQube plugin for TIBCO BW5

SonarQube plugin for TIBCO BW6

SonarQube plugin for Informatica PowerCenter

POINT – Polarising Integration Test Framework

Know about our TIBCO case-studies and the platform evolution projects that Polarising can develop for your business.

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TUI Group Polarising service partner

TAP Air Portugal Polarising service partner

La Redoute Polarising service partner

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