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Welcome to the amazing new section entirely owned by the Polarising Evangelists! Every month our technology experts give tips on what is hot, trendy and relevant in each of the areas they address. Here you can find interesting articles, register for webinars or read their own articles and blog posts. Check out December highlights and stay tuned with our experts! See you in 2017;-)
BI & Analytics by Pedro Marques
The science of data didn’t predict Trump’s victory but social science can explain it.
World Facts Analysis: the practical side of Analytics with TIBCO Spotfire.
BPM by João Estêvão
What does a good end to end process architecture looks like?
I have a Toyota Corola.
Liferay by Vítor Lopes
Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals.
It’s time to dump time zones.
Liferay’s not dead yet – but what’s keeping it alive?
Elastic by Nuno Ochoa
Elasticsearch powers infrastructures.
Elastic Stack 5.0 Released: All in one versions!
BI Application: Elasticsearch is the new kid in town.
IoT by Ricardo Santos
UbiSec & Sens poject to adress wireless sensors architechtures.
Fosstrak Project to manage RFID applications.

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