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Welcome to the amazing new section entirely owned by the Polarising Evangelists! Every month our technology experts give tips on what is hot, trendy and relevant in each of the areas they address. Here you can find interesting articles, register for webinars or read their own articles and blog posts. Check out January highlights and stay tuned with our experts!
BI & Analytics by Pedro Marques
= Business Intelligence major trends for 2017.
Big Data Analytics to prevent ciber atacks and trace suspect activity in real time.
= Moneyball is a movie about how Analytics can bring competitive advantage to a team.
IoT by Ricardo Santos
= Hub fot IoT implementation.
= IoT standartization gives place to narrow band.
Liferay by Vítor Lopes
= Top 10 New Features in Liferay DXP 7.
= What, When and How? Portal Technologies and Applications.
BPM by João Estevão 
= The seven enablers of BPM.
= Don’t create a process architecture just because you think you’re supposed to have one.

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