The Polarising TALKing Heads are a group of passionate technology (and also music:) specialists. Besides their areas of expertise and daily lives at Polarising to deliver customers the best Software Development and Integration solutions, our TALKing Heads are always eager to learn. They dedicate some of their time to stay up to date with what’s trendy in the IT world just so they can share knowledge with colleagues and peers. You can follow them here, at Polarising’s blog.

*Cloud & DevOps powered by João Cabrita*
Hello Pulumi: TL;DR, with Pulumi, 38 pages of manual instructions become 38 lines of code. 25,000 lines of YAML configuration becomes 500 lines in a real programming language.
< Specialists develop expertise and optimize what’s needed for that specific area. They get more effective at solving their piece of the puzzle but software requires the entire life cycle to deliver value to customers. Having teams of specialists owning a slice of the life cycle can create silos that slow down end-to-end progress.
Productivity in the age of hypergrowth: Some of the challenges and solutions to scale teams and meet customer demand.
*BPM & Opensource powered by João Estêvão
There’s a lot of money involving the Linux Foundation and the companies around Linux, so why not pay the maintainers too? Many times they could a lot more with a just a little cash flow.
Running Cassandra as an operator on Kubernetes enables you to leverage useful Kubernetes features like StatefulSets.
Podcast: Automation and Customer Experience in BPM.
*Business Analysis powered by Márcia Catarino*
< [BLOG] About being a mum and  business analyst.
Humor: Are you a Courageous Business Analyst?
*Analytics & ETL powered by Pedro Marques*
Do you know which number shirt national Captains are most likely to wear? Find the answers to this questions and more!
< [BLOG] New kid on the job: when expectations and reality collide.
*Liferay & Portals powered by Vítor Lopes*
A not-to-long (and interesting) explanation about Dynamic Programming vs Divide and Conquer.
The developer best friends (some of this is not necessarily the best but it’s a good list!)

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