The Polarising TALKing Heads are a group of passionate technology (and sometimes, music:) specialists.
Besides their areas of expertise and daily lives at Polarising to deliver customers the best Software Development and Integration solutions, our TALKing Heads are always eager to learn.
They dedicate some of their time to stay up to date with what’s trendy in the IT world just so they can share knowledge with colleagues and peers.
Either as hosts of the TALKing Sessions Community or publishing an interesting article in our blog, they are definitely a group you want to keep up with!

*Cloud & DevOps powered by João Cabrita*
A video series drawing a parallel between Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) at Google and DevOps.
< What if we could turn back time?
< Microservices are doing it again.
< Check out also the Technology Radar!
*BPM & Opensource powered by João Estêvão
Big BPM Automation targets for enterprises, aka, I want to automate, where do I start?
< Business Processes leverage Business Rules systems, why write them in an esoteric language?
In the age of Artificial Intelligence and Logic Programming you can write and reason about them as a Natural Language.
< Do you remember when there were no Windows, only the command line?
Does DOS evoke nostalgic feelings? Take a ride in the next best thing, FreeDOS!
*Analytics & ETL powered by Pedro Marques*
Are you already planning your vacations and thinking about choosing an international destination?
Then you must know that Asia is where the busiest air routes are! Check out the latest global ranking from OAG – a company with large expertise on air travel data.
*Liferay & Portals powered by Vítor Lopes*
<“What if Java Script wins?”
< Putting comments in code: the good, the bad, and the ugly!

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