The Polarising TALKing Heads are a group of passionate technology (and also music:) specialists.
Besides their areas of expertise and daily lives at Polarising to deliver customers the best Software Development and Integration solutions, our TALKing Heads are always eager to learn.
They dedicate some of their time to stay up to date with what’s trendy in the IT world just so they can share knowledge with colleagues and peers.
Either as hosts of the TALKing Sessions Community or publishing an interesting article in our blog, they are definitely a group you want to keep up with!

*Cloud & DevOps powered by João Cabrita*
Dividing frontend from backend is an antipattern.
Principles of Container-based Application Design.
*BPM & Opensource powered by João Estêvão
Your favorite CI tool now runs and manages containers on Openshift as well!
Tips on how to model your microservices. Hint, it’s not about code size or each function as service.
*Business Analysis powered by Márcia Catarino*
< Did you know that superheros are actually Business Analysts with superpowers?
*Analytics & ETL powered by Pedro Marques*
This summer was hell to many European countries because of the fires, as we’ve seen all over the news. Portugal had the biggest burned area, Greece had the greatest catastrophes and even Sweden burned, which is unusual. Why are these events happening more often? Data scientists analysed and compared data on fire frequency and duration and concluded that while land-use history and climate are often portrayed as competing factors, actually they may be complementary explanations in some cases.
*Liferay & Portals powered by Vítor Lopes*
< Your company’s website is not protected with https? It should be.

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