Web Summit 2021: the aftermath.


The numbers for this year’s Web Summit are impressive, considering that we have just started to comeback to in person events: 42,751 attendees and other hundreds and thousands figures to go over.

With a 10-year history and the last 3 in Lisbon, the Web Summit continues to be the largest tech event in Europe, mainly due to its inspiring speakers and relevant content.

It is also the event that can create unforeseeable opportunities to network, showcase new businesses and ideas, and to discuss relevant and structural worldwide matters: this year’s agenda was focused on Climate and Cryptocurrency.

Polarising at the Web Summit.

Yvonne Kubbinga, Polarising’s Netherlands Country Manager, doesn’t miss the opportunity to attend a Web Summit since 2017.

Yvonne has been with Polarising precisely a year now. Taking on such a relevant role, she often travels to Lisbon to meet clients and colleagues at Lisbon’s headquarters, and combines it with spending some time in Alentejo where she has a family home.

After last’s year’s , Yvonne decided to get her sneakers out of the closet and gather a group of peers and business friends to join her at Altice Arena:

“Finally, we could go to the physical Web Summit again. It’s also the place to meet new and old business friends, to network and to get inspired. This year was all of that and more, since we had an interesting group, and with me was also Polarising’s Head of Sales, João Machado.”

The X Web Summit Factor.

Well, we could say that it was Daniela Melchior, the Portuguese actress that is rocking Suicide Squad, but in fact, one of the best things at Websummit, not just this year but all editions, is that you have a wide range of speakers and talks to choose from:

“During the day everybody selected their own program. There was a balance between interesting Start-ups and inspirational talks. For example, Kate Swanborg from DreamWorks Animation, she is so inspired by her job that her energy is still with me, even after some days.”

websummit polarising

Kate Swanborg Keynote

The Web Summit is also considered the right place to see what’s out there in the world of tech. Check the Start-ups, follow the big corporations, and engage with other business associations that can bring interesting outcomes to level up your company’s strategy:

“One morning we had an insightful breakfast meeting with Boris Bend about how to attract, but more important, retain talents in our team. And Tuesday we were invited by the Dutch Ambassador via CCPH – Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce for drinks with the Dutch attendees, which was a great moment to meet and have nice conversations.”

Breakfast meeting | Left to right: Paul Kunneman, Raymond Hannes (Seedling Studio), João Machado, Yvonne Kubbinga (Polarising), Boris Bend (Aleph Engineering).
Ambassador’s Drinks | Left to right: Yvonne Kubbinga (Polarising), Raymond Hannes (Seedling Studio), Chantal Gouka, Stevan Jan van Hengel (Port of Rotterdam).

Until we meet again at Web Summit 2022.

One of the great things about Lisbon is that it is also a city that always has attracted many people from all parts of the world, and the Websummit became just one more good reason to visit it:

“At night we had fun and relaxing conversations over dinner. Superb combination. A few things stood out for me, like meeting business friends of business friends, as diverse as possible. Also having interesting and inspiring coffee meetings and dinners and listening to inspiring talks on stage. I’m looking forward to the Web Summit 2022!”

Raymond Hannes and Yvonne Kubbinga relaxing at night.

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