Polarising is 10 years old

Yesterday was Polarising 10th birthday!
It feels like yesterday that I have decided to start this journey. Truth to be told, I always wanted to have my own business; I was thrilled about the idea of creating something and making a difference. I believed it was possible to start a consulting company where professionalism and expertise could meet fun and joy at work. Now I consider we all at Polarising have proved it’s possible…
When my Integration background was solid I started looking for projects that would challenge myself and others to start the Polarising Team – The Integration Experts!
I was working for a project at GALP when I met Carlos (Pereira) – he was the first Polariser! He was organized, hardworking and had his heart in the right place: like me he wanted a way-of-life, not just a job, and I realised that we could make a great team.  Many other projects came, national and international, and the need to grow was natural and inevitable.
Since then, 80 more have joined and a few have left, and I couldn’t be prouder of all the commitment that each single one makes every day so Polarising can be the best place to work and with whom to work with. We will continue to expand, always aiming for excellence and thriving for our best.
We started in Portugal but are active internationally since the beginning. I guess this comes from my own personal life. I was born in Brazil, grew up in Portugal and since my graduation I have lived and worked in more than 7 countries. This spirit is part of the Polarising culture, where we believe that international projects represent a constant growth for us all, both personal and professionally. In these past 10 years we have been involved in projects in almost all continents adding up to more than 20 countries.
At this moment I’m very happy about the past and very excited about the future: like Polarising, Integration is also a ‘teenager’ that is eager to embrace new challenges and trends like Iot, Cloud or Analytics. We are focused in helping our customers and partners to extract the maximum value from their data. We are determined to continue to be experts in our technologies, focused in getting the right people, leading innovation and continuing to be the trusted partner our customers are used to.
Happy days!

Part of our team at the Lisbon office

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