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I always look forward to attend TIBCO NOW. Although still virtual, this year’s event felt almost like a hangover from the pandemic, with so much excitement for what’s to come. The agenda was filled with speakers representing the most important companies in the industry.

The central theme of the event was Limitless, as opposed to a year limited by the pandemic and its consequences for each of us. Nevertheless, on the technical side there was a great evolution, in fact, the growth of data technology has accelerated and created innumerous opportunities on many levels.

For example, most reports state that the average consumer increased his data consumption between 20% to 30% during the pandemic period. For most companies, this results in more interactions with their customers and more data points to analyze and consider when making business decisions.

Tibco Now: the integration event by excellence.

TIBCO tech stack offers all the tools for a company to properly integrate and connect all of this data in real-time. It also allows data management in a structured approach and to be able to predict trends and future outcomes. That is why this year’s TIBCO tech motto had to be limitless!

This two-day free virtual event was organized in three product focused tracks representing the various areas that TIBCO works:

Connect: seamlessly any application, device, or data source.

Unify: data intelligently for better access, trust, and control.

Predict: confidently with real-time data-driven intelligence.

Connecting your business.

More than just the first Polarising tagline, the core of our IT services business was built within the Connect area. Polarising’s reputation of experts in products like TIBCO BusinessWorks, TIBCO Cloud Integration and TIBCO BusinessEvents has opened the way to work with many clients that need to ensure a seamless integration of their IT stack and to leverage all this data into new business opportunities and value stream. This solid background has been key in helping our clients to achieve this goal quickly and within budget.

Image from TIBCO | Tibco Now Challenge Enablers

Integration and open source.

This track’s highlight for me is that there’s an ever-growing trend of TIBCO to embrace the open-source world, expediting the use of open-source messaging technologies like Apache Kafka and Apache Pulsar.

By adopting this approach, TIBCO is more and more perceived as an open technology vendor capable of working seamlessly with other messaging and integration technologies. This allows TIBCO to provide a diversified offer to its clients and support them in developing best-of-breed technology solutions. Another great thing is that TIBCO continues to invest in converting its stack to the Cloud world, maintaining an agnostic and independent from any specific cloud vendor like AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. This approach helps clients reduce their risk of cloud vendor lock-in, which is a growing issue for every IT and Enterprise Architecture team around the world.

Integration and cloud.

However, the topic that I found most relevant was the demo of a Responsive Application Mesh using TIBCO Cloud Integration. This showed how the platform allows the creation of a network of independent applications, although interconnected between them.

Also, this mesh has the capacity of adapting to the entry and exit of new nodes/applications, thus ensuring stability, consistency, and interconnection.

The release of the Cloud versions of some products was also one of the greatest revelations. Until now, products like TIBCO Messaging and TIBCO BusinessEvents seemed to be somewhat “stuck in the Data Center world”, so this is the breakthrough we were all expecting.

With cloud native versions of such products, TIBCO is helping clients to move their services completely to the cloud, ensuring larger scalability, more agility, and reduced risk.

Image from TIBCO | Tibco Now Limitless

You can still catch up on the daily summaries in the event’s blog:

As to us, Polarising’s main goal is to make the most of these amazing technologies TIBCO offers and ensure our clients success, while being considered an agile and. Cheers to that!

Hugo Pascoalinho
Head of Architecture & Technology

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