Polarising hosts the 2021 edition of the international TIAS School Management Program.

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As part of the TIAS Management & Organization program, Polarising and the Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce partnered to host a Workshop on the subject HR policies and the IT labor market challenges to this year’s TIAS finalist executive students of the Management and Organizations Master’s course in Business Systems.

The event took place on the 24th of November at Polarising’s Lisbon headquarters and the day started with a welcome note from the TIAS management board, reiterating the importance of the initiative and presenting the results of a first assessement to Polarising.

After that, Polarising’s Netherlands Country Manager Yvonne Kubbinga gave a presentation on our business, portfolio and challenges, that was followed by a brief explanation of the workshop session that would next take place.

management workshop TIAS
Yvonne Kubbinga’s Polarising presentation.

The workshop is the highlight of the TIAS Management Program, since it has the purpose of analyzing and discuss a specific organizational theme: this time it was focused on the current challenges Polarising’s HR face to attract and retain talent.

About TIAS and the Management & Organization Program.

TIAS School for Business & Society is a Netherlands international top-ranked business school focused on delivering executive education for professionals, managers, and organizations.

By cooperating with international partners, TIAS integrates specialist knowledge from other foreign business schools and promotes visits to organizations that can share their business perspectives on organizational management and best practices. About the session, Joke Bijhorst, Marieke Abbink, and Ruben Barten from TIAS agree that it was

“(…) a great experience; we had an interesting discussion with the Portuguese management of Polarising and our fellow Dutch students from TIAS. Together we came to new insights about working with the next generation!”

This is a statement of TIAS’s goal which is exposing executive students of the Management and Organizations Master’s course in Business Systems to an international context. Through their research they’ll be able to provide new insights and propose further actions that can be implemented by each of the organizations they meet with.

TIAS workshop plan presentation.

Polarising’s and CCPH partnership.

The relation between the Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Polarising has been building itself since we started our direct operation in the Netherlands in 2019.

The Chamber of Commerce has been organizing study trips for managers and finalist students of the Executive Master of Management and Organization of TIAS Business School for many years. According to Marjon van Dinther, Director of the Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce:

“TIAS has been our client for over twenty years. Besides organizing study trips for Management and Organization we have also been working with Health and Public management, as well as Education. We think that Portugal offers a diversity in interesting case studies and sectors, varying from the start-up ecosystem, public and nonprofit institutions to large corporations.“

The purpose of these sessions includes several meetings between the group of Dutch participants and Portuguese organizations from various sectors in the Lisbon/Setúbal region, with the purpose of:

  • get an independent reflection from foreign managers from different sectors.
  • discuss topics that are of interest within different management areas of an organization.
  • promote the interaction between a diverse and qualified group of people.
  • inspire action and collaboration between the students and company’s employees.

Being a technology IT Services company, Polarising positions itself as a strategic partner for nearshore operations at low risk. Our clients are international and mainly from Europe, Middle East and South America. The core of our business are people: it’s their knowledge, human skills, ambitions and motivations that interest us, so that we can reach to their needs and be prepared to offer them the right opportunity to start, especially for younger generations.

Left to right: Ruben Barten, Marieke Abbink, Joke Bijhorst (TIAS) Yvonne Kubbinga (Polarising), and Jearina Imanse from CCPH.

As the host of this session, Yvonne Kubbinga adds

““(…) what a great pleasure it was to meet the TIAS group. During the workshops we had an interesting discussion on how to improve our HR policies. Also, I enjoyed the feedback that the Polarising company values are really hitting the right nerve. Next to this there were some interesting ideas on how to improve, such as sharing our values during the sales process more clearly.

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