A comprehensive range of Integration Services and
End-to-end custom software solutions.

Only the best in end-to-end IT Services.

Polarising offers a comprehensive range of software solutions from integration to developed custom solutions.

services polarising Integration Services

Integration services

Designed to connect.

Let our team of 120 certified specialists in middleware, cloud and microservices help you solve your integration and analytics challenges. With our experience and know-how, we deliver value-adding solutions with technologies like TIBCO, MuleSoft, WSO2 and Spring, that support our clients with reference Integration services.

services polarising End-to-end solutions

End-to-end solutions

Elevate the user experience.

Polarising develops human-centered software that ensures a positive experience to your clients, delivering the applications full cycle development. Our frontend teams use tools and frameworks such as React, Angular, and Ionic. As to backend solutions and microservices, we use database technologies like Java, Spring Boot, .NET and Elastic Search to keep your systems running smoothly and efficiently.

services polarising Business analysis


Enabling Change.

Our dedicated team of Business Analysts and Product Owners will support your organization’s increasing speed of delivering value. From describing the requirements and align the scope of a solution, provide an analysis workshop or end-user walkthroughs, and supporting the complete delivery process, Polarising offers continuous improvement of your technology facilitating change of processes.

Antoine Craske, La Redoute IT Development Manager

“Polarising’s Core Spring training and transversal to the Java full stack, also providing inspiration and market vision on microservices architecture.”​

Pedro Marques, Tweak Lead Developer

“Working with Polarising allows us to tackle aggressive growth and major projects, while still managing the size of our core team.”​

Lars Schöttker, IT Manager Hotels & Resorts by TUI Group.

“Polarising delivers great consultancy service, a high quality of source code development paired with passionate and educated employees in software integration, helping TUI to create a better customer experience for our vacationists ahead and during their journeys.”​

Partnerships to build reliable software solutions.

Since 2006, we partner with the leading infrastructure software provider TIBCO, having expertise in Integration Services and providing Professional services to create event-enabling software solutions.

We are Silver Partners with both leading technology providers WSO2 and Mulesoft to enable the deployment and management of applications, APIs, and integration flows.

Polarising is Microsoft Gold Partner in Application Development and Application Integration, delivering the full cycle of cloud services in Microsoft Azure.

We represent market leading software vendors like Appdynamics, Dynatrace, Elastic and Integration Matters nJAMS, to build market-leading end-end-solutions.

Let us take care of IT.

At Polarising we specialise in assembling the best remote engineering teams for your software development and integration technology needs. Your technology is in safe hands as we make sure it is done by the right people and delivered on time.

Our teams are well-equipped to tackle the toughest technical challenges, minimizing delays and ensuring that your investment and time can be funneled towards your business growth and success.

Bringing together in-house software development teams independently is costly and time-consuming.

Our client’s tech that works.