Polarising, a winning team!

This year’s Polarising Family Day was particularly special: all of us and our families were invited to the City of Football for an entire day of fun and to live the real World Cup spirit!
Portugal was still in the competition, which made it even more memorable; just like the real thing, the day started in the conference room, where the four teams were announced after a draw. Then, time to play ball! Grown-ups and kids played together as the game was being reported live, giving that extra flavor of excitement in the field. Although there was a winning team, we all celebrated together, in the true spirit of Polarising! Trust me: by lunchtime everybody was already feeling like a Cristiano Ronaldo!
What we didn’t know was the best was yet to come: the afternoon was spent visiting the players locker rooms, the gym, the physiotherapy center, dining hall and the trophy room, an amazing collection of all the trophy’s the Portuguese Football Selection has ever won, at all types of football championship. At the end, the sweet taste of victory was to feel that the values we live everyday in our company, making us unique and happy, are also our family’s, giving us one more reason to celebrate!


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