Polarising at TIBCO NOW 2017

The 2017 TIBCO NOW Conference (held at Estrel Hotel in Berlin, Germany) included a big agenda on numerous topics and had several side events like the breakout sessions and Hand-On-Labs workshops. Most of them were focused on a certain TIBCO product or a customer presentation on their use case of TIBCO technology.
On the advent of digital transformation, occurring currently in many businesses, in these two days we heard about lots of aspects of business technology that will need to evolve and become sharper, in order to remain relevant in today’s fast-paced industry.

Day 1

After a good look at the agenda, Polarising CEO Nuno Moreira and I took some time to choose which sessions to attend.
Our first stop was the session on Industry Perspectives: Travel and Tourism. TIBCO’s Heleen Snelting and Rob Zazueta started the session by walking us through the connected customer journey—from booking through the full travel day to the final arrival—and pointing out the key touch points for interactions that can delight customers and engender loyaltyWe saw Brussels Airlines describing how they have entered the digital era by efficiently managing and visualizing their key data assets to make the right decisions and guide business processes. They shared insights into their digital strategy, showing the way to make self-service BI a reality using TIBCO’s Spotfire. Heleen and Rob closed the session by describing “the benefits of building a platform to selectively serve your data to the right people at the right time and outlined the architecture for TIBCO’s Insights Platform—encompassing the wide range of software and support available to our customers as they continue the digital transformation of their organizations.”
After lunch we attended a breakout session where we learned about the new offering: Project Flogo. This solution enables IoT edge application development  to build agile applications in smart devices and create an open IoT development community.

Day 2

The morning started with the General Session where we were enthused with presentations from TIBCO’s top leaders.
TIBCO Chief marketing officer Thomas Been commented on how companies must now go “beyond advanced integration and business intelligence tools to incorporate smart data and analytics into their strategic plans. Every industry from oil and gas to finance requires an evolution in their technology to enhance their current offerings and compete in today’s market“.
TIBCO CEO Murray D. Rode then provided the TIBCO NOW Berlin audience with the core foundation elements of the Digital Transformation point of view.“What separates digital leaders from laggards?”, he asked. The essence can be distilled down to three areas of excellence: “Speed of innovation, driven by connected products;  passionate focus on customers and optimizing their experiences; and a focus on interconnected data as the fuel for smart decision making at all stages of customer and operational journeys.
And what’s next for TIBCO’s future? Murray points out that we are well on our way: “Incredible pace of customer growth, a commitment to connectivity across many clouds, even more powerful and impactful data analytics and redoubling the effort to be the global leader in being the ultimate integrator of the entire technology and data ecosystem integrator—focusing on IoT and integrating all the various standards and devices as a natural extension of our capabilities in interconnecting systems.”
Next up was a main-stage conversation where Matt Harris, the head of technology Mercedes-AMG Formula 1 racing team joined Thomas Been for a conversation on the challenges of maintaining leadership in one of the most competitive sporting environments in the world.
After lunch we attended a few more break out sessions to complete the day. First we stopped by an Overview of TIBCO Cloud Integration and Strategic Direction to check out what TIBCO is doing to deliver their new TIBCO® Cloud Integration platform. Then we attended London Theatre Direct Disrupts the Theater Industry with APIs and learned how London Theatre Direct (LTD), one of the leading providers of theater tickets in the UK, uses the TIBCO Mashery platform to implement an open API program and transform its business, delivering innovation and disruption in online ticket sales.
The event finished with a refreshing happy hour, where we had the opportunity to talk with Brad Hopper (VP Product Strategy, Analytics & Streaming at TIBCO) about the new TIBCO acquisition: TIBCO STATISTICA. We definitely left TIBCO NOW 2017 feeling energized, with new insights on TIBCO technology and a broader understanding of the market around the world.


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