One day in a Systems Integrator life: TIBCO certifications day.

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Last year we’ve joined our first TIBCO Partner Certification Day and since then, it is proven that it isn’t an ordinary day at Polarising.

As the main provider of TIBCO services in Portugal and one of the most acknowledged in Europe, Polarising has already over 100 experienced TIBCO Systems Integrators with the capability to provide high-quality services to any company.

Within this team and since the 1st TIBCO Partners Day on May 2021, Polarising has already certified around 52% more consultants in TIBCO technologies than the previous couple of years.

There is no other opportunity like this, and most of Polarising’s consultants keep investing in taking their TIBCO certifications as the only way to get the knowledge and IT skills to successfully contribute to our authority as an expert in integration services.

TIBCO Partner Certification Day

This event is a free 24-hour online event to which only the vendor partners have access. The challenge is that all TIBCO certifications must be completed within 24 hours! This puts a lot of pressure on every consultant, but at the same time it keeps us pushing ourselves to achieve the best results.

There are two levels of TIBCO certifications and one Administrator level, which focus on the skills needed to administer TIBCO products and can be done independently. The first one is the TIBCO Certified Associate level, and it needs to be completed before you move on to the next level, which is the TIBCO Certified Professional level.

What does this mean?

Polarising provides several IT Integration services, and TIBCO technology is one of our main strengths. It’s important that everyone on our team can achieve this level of certification in order to give the best possible service to our clients.

This also applies to other business areas but specially this one, since TIBCO is one of Polarising’s main partners and its technologies are where we have the major know-how and market recognition. This makes the TIBCO Partners Certification Day extremely important to us.

This day is also crucial to internally challenge our consultants to get certified. Along with the fact that they are focused on projects at hands, often because there’s a cost associated to it (even if it’s covered by Polarising), can be a factor to put people off trying to take the certification exams.” Hugo Pascoalinho, Polarising’s Head of Architecture & Technology.

So, taking advantage of these initiatives to obtain more and more certifications in the various products of the TIBCO stack is one of the ways Polarising positions itself in the TIBCO market as specialists able to provide the best integration with other IT systems.

As for the remainder of 2022, Polarising plans to consolidate our Integration area within the Connect pillar of TIBCO’s branding, and to expand/invest in the data areas, Unify and Predict pillars.

For more information about Polarising’s Integration solutions and teams specialized in TIBCO technology, please visit our services page and contact us to

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