Tibco Spotfire’s new version that came from the cold

No, it’s not a story about a spy who decides to be a double agent in the cold war:) It’s just a Mediterranean fellow (me!) that went to Gothenburg and learned about the latest advancements on Tibco Spotfire.
I prepared myself for low temperatures, nevertheless I must confess I had a hard time dealing with the cold, but it became easier to overcome it after meeting a very welcoming group of people working in Gothenburg’s Tibco Spotfire division.
Together with many other Tibco partners I had the chance to know what’s new in Spotfire versions 7.7 and 7.8, such as better visualization capabilities in mobile Spotfire, the use of device GPS to get user location, improvements on export to pdf functionality, inline data cleaning by replacing values in data source view, a wider range of data connectors and data sources, or new data wrangling features.
Meanwhile, there is already an upcoming version being prepared in what refers to geo analytics; Spotfire 7.9 will provide geographic coordinates from any location selected on the map. In the near future we can also expect very interesting features like editing data transformations, inline data preparation and the use of web services.

I noticed a great willingness to hear partners opinion about Spotfire future developments, after all, partners deal with customer expectations on a daily basis.
There I was in the main Tibco Spotfire developing office, but why in Sweden? Because Spotfire early version was created by a Swedish student while visiting a university in the United States. Also, I would add another reason which is the fact that there is a lot of talent and good atmosphere to make this technology great again (this is not a political statement ok?:).
So, there are no spy’s or information to leak, it’s only about how Spotfire makes me dream big and get things done and better yet, somewhere in the middle find enjoyable people to work with.


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