About being a mum and a Business Analyst.

Today my daughter painted her sweater. It’s not that it doesn’t look cool, but it is ruined. Today my daughter’s clothes were filthy and stinky and so was my daughter! It would be so much better if she was quieter, she would be less trouble.
Today my daughter painted her sweater because she was giving wings to her imagination. She draw the world as she imagines it. She also painted her hands and feet doing it because she wanted to feel the tickling from the brush before she could know how it would look on paper. She did all this always very focused on her goal, which was to have fun!
Yesterday my daughter was filthy and stinky because she decided, together with her best friends, to play in the dirt, feed the animals, cook imaginary soup in her imaginary house using sand, stones, tree leafs and lost olives that were lying in the ground. She went to travel the world on her bike and played make-believe. She smiled, ran, fell, cried, negotiated, came up with solutions to her problems, built and executed her little projects. Her clothes are useless but she became a little bit more prepared to life.

When a kid can play like this we are creating the possibility of a future. Daniel Becker, a well known pediatrician, says “any children that plays freely and with friends will learn to negotiate, interact, be emphatic, cultivate the ability to listen and make herself heard, evaluate risks, solve problems, develop courage, self-regulation and stimulation, creativity, imagination, a set of skills that no school class can offer”.  Isn’t it all this that makes us successful adults?
While my daughter was playing I found myself thinking: aren’t these the essential characteristics of a Business Analyst? As a Business Analyst and looking in perspective, these are my foundations. No matter how good I know a business, how skilled I am concerning analysis techniques, these are the soft skills that support my knowledge, experience and performance, allowing me to strive and accomplish my goals every day. Business analysis is about being Adaptable, Inquisitive, Learner, Innovative and, my favorite, Passionate!
That’s why I make it one fundamental part of my day to join my daughter for a couple of hours and stimulate my own imagination. I know the next day on the job is so much more productive and challenging, as I go ahead and propose new approaches, develop new ideas and strategies and produce better results for my team and my clients. At the end of the day that’s what’s matters.

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