Amsterdam is famous for … the Liferay DevCon 2017!

I know what you are thinking: Amsterdam is famous for all other exciting things! We’ll get to that, just bare with me for a few more lines:)
This 2017 Amsterdam was also the city that hosted the Liferay DevCon Confence, the coolest Liferay Developers concentration ever, gathering people from the United States, India, Spain, Brazil, Netherlands, Germany… and of course, Portugal. I was there and lived it like you are watching it now:

We learned a lot; there were many interesting talks throughout the three different track sessions dedicated to mobile, front and backend, IoT and DevOps and also to Upgrades and New Features. Unfortunately, there was no way we could attend them all but the great thing is that all this material is available to view or review at the Liferay youtube channel, as well as the agenda, otherwise I will be writing this article endlessly and it would be huge!
A very interesting talk was about Platforms of the Future: Jorge Ferrer did a great introduction on what can we expect concerning Liferay advancements and predictions. He showed a great motivational video with Brian Chan, Liferay’s Chief Architect Officer, inviting to the stage key people to discuss each point. It’s incredible the importance of APIs and how Liferay will address matters like the interaction with drones, smartwatches and other small machines!
One of the new announcements was the final release of WeDeploy, talk hosted by Zeno Rocha; it was a really good talk and I can say that in 30 minutes I was prepared to develop on WeDeploy! For example, you can launch a Liferay portal in 5 minutes or less (DXP version) or you can run docker containers, how awesome is that?! Check the presentation here.
Of course that in a conference like this something big is about to be announced: the Liferay Commerce, a talk hosted by Mark Leo and that you can listen here, is all about adding e-commerce features to the portal that will challenge developers with exciting new opportunities to enjoy easy application management on a proven platform.
The second day started with one of most important talks, not because it had some new great feature to reveal or anything like that, but it was about the Liferay Community and how much relevant it is for the Liferay roadmap and its connection with other technologies. Listen Why Liferay’s Community Matters More Than Ever and see how you can take part on some of the action!
The cherry on top of the cake was ending with Liferay’s CEO and Founder Bryan Cheung on the next steps of Liferay; this is an amazing technology that can do a lot for businesses and company’s, but if you want to know more about it, don’t hesitate to contact Polarising as we are experts in implementing these and other Liferay solutions.
So, as promised, here’s what Amsterdam is famous for:

  • Canals – 165 canals with a total length of 75 kilometers;
  • Museums – 51 museums like Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh and Anne Frank’s, are the most well known;
  • Architecture – nearly 9,000 houses which were built in the 16th–18th century, still in use;
  • Diversity – 180 nationalities in Amsterdam, only New York city has more;
  • Cheese – you have multiple cheese shops where you can taste the different flavors of cheese from various regions of Holland;
  • Tulips – there are parks with more than seven million tulips;
  • and now, the Liferay DevCon 2017… just kidding;-)


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