Microsoft Software Engineer

About Polarising

More than a services company, Polarising is a technology delivery partner our clients can trust. That’s why we engage highly skilled development teams that love working together and build software that fuels business success.

The Microsoft Practice team develops resilient, modern, and scalable cloud solutions by applying the software industry best practices and design patterns. It requires a modern approach to application development to increase the solution’s quality and keep track of the system’s changes. Continuous training and learning are essential to the Microsoft Practice, enabling the team to become proficient in this state-of-the-art technology.

To join our team, we value skills like communication, problem-solving, creative thinking, and a proactive attitude, as they will improve yours and the team’s overall performance.

What we offer is a competitive salary, continuous training, a flexible vacation policy, health insurance, remote work policy, and a culture of happiness and wellbeing.

Technical requirements

  • Degree in Computer Engineering or similar.
  • 2+ Years of relevant development experience.
  • Microsoft Role-Based certifications.
  • Proficient in ASP.NET (Framework and Core) using C#.
  • Proficient in Object-Oriented-Programming.
  • Proficient in TDD and Unit Testing.
  • Proficient in GIT and GitFlow strategy.
  • Knowledge of Azure DevOps.
  • Knowledge of Azure Cloud.
  • Knowledge of DRY, SOLID, YAGNI, KISS, and YAA
  • Knowledge in Razor, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ES 6/7, Typescript.
  • Knowledge of Design Patterns.
  • Knowledge of SQL and experience using relational databases.
  • Knowledge of CI/CD methodologies.
  • Community and a team-oriented mindset.
  • Fluent in written and spoken English.
  • Available to travel to Europe with a fly-back policy.

A Plus

  • Published technical-related blog posts.
  • Microsoft Role-Based Fundamentals certifications.
  • Knowledge of AWS or Google Cloud.
  • Knowledge in frontend technologies like Blazor, Angular, React, Vue.js.
  • Knowledge in mobile technologies like Xamarin MAUI.
  • Knowledge of CQRS and DDD.
  • Knowledge of Event Sourcing.
  • Knowledge of Docker and Containers.
  • Knowledge of NoSQL databases.
  • Knowledge of ELK stack.
  • Profiles on Hacker Rank, Hacker Earth, or Coders Rank.
  • Profile on
  • Certified in Agile methodologies.
  • Proficient in other languages like Spanish, French, or German

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