GoLang Developer

About Polarising

More than a services company, Polarising is a technology delivery partner our clients can trust. That’s why we engage highly skilled development teams that love working together and build software that fuels business success.

Polarising is looking for a dedicated and innovative Golang developer to join a long-term project in a major international e-commerce client that has B2C and B2B operations worldwide.

This is a unique opportunity to work on an exciting project that will require your passion for engineering and design, and the determination to start from scratch, together with a Dutch consultancy.

You will be part of a team with around 20 people (until the end of the year) that will deliver and maintain a fully functional software implementation, creating highly immersive user applications that will connect to other web services.

Your team leader profile is fundamental to the project and your team’s success. Other critical skills are excellent written and verbal communication, as well as attention to detail and strong analytical ability.

The best candidate will go to three stages of recruitment: first interview with Polarising, second technical interview with the Dutch partner, and final interview with the client.

What we offer is a competitive salary, continuous training, a flexible vacation policyhealth insurance, remote work policy, and a culture of happiness and wellbeing.

Technical requirements

  • Computer Engineering degree or equivalent;
  • 5+ years of professional experience (minimum 3 years of GoLang experience);
  • Experience with projects of large scale;
  • Experience on required skill set, tools, processes, such as Github, Jenkins, Prometheus, Pagerduty, Grafana;
  • Self-learner who can bite himself/herself into the system; Builders/Engineers who can build things from scratch (not the glue of existing systems);
  • Willing to learn new languages / technologies;
  • Good in debugging complex issues with ‘can-do’ attitude and drive to solve problems;
  • Helicopter view to oversee the full stack.

Business requirements

  • Business domain knowledge and experience;
  • Relevancy of profile and previous roles; able to work with different seniorities, roles and skill sets;
  • Team leader profile (team leadership experience, technical and architectural skills); able to represent the team internally and externally, providing honest and transparent feedback to the team members, Client and stakeholders;
  • An eye for quality, cost efficiencies, risk mitigation and continual service improvement;
  • Understand the success metrics of delivery and the business value for Client;
  • Fluent in written and spoken English (Dutch is valued, Portuguese is not mandatory);
  • Resident in Portugal or available to live in Portugal (preferably in the Lisbon area);
  • Available to travel to Europe with a fly-back policy.

Join an amazing team!