Full Stack Developer

About Polarising

More than a services company, Polarising is a technology delivery partner our clients can trust. That’s why we engage highly skilled development teams that love working together and build software that fuels business success.

To join our team, we value skills like communication, problem-solving, creative thinking, and a proactive attitude, as they will improve yours and the team’s overall performance.

What we offer is a competitive salary, continuous training, a flexible vacation policy, health insurance, remote work policy, and a culture of happiness and wellbeing.

Technical Requirements

  • Excellent knowledge of Java 7 and Java 8 concepts like collection framework, concurrency framework and any new Java developments
  • Able to apply appropriate design patterns and SOLID/DRY principles to given solution
  • Excellent knowledge of Spring 3 and Spring 4 (Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring Dao and Spring Boot)
  • Knowledge of Hibernate or any other framework, excellent knowledge of JPA
  • Knowledge of Message Oriented Middleware (JMS, Rabbit MQ, Active MQ and Apache Kafka)
  • Knowledge of relational databases (Oracle, DB2, MYSQL, Maria DB) and hands-on experience with at least one NO SQL database (such as Mongo or Cassandra)
  • Experience with projects executed with Agile/Spotify methodology
  • Experience withDevOps and tools like Jenkins, Maven/Gradle/Ant, Junits, Mockito/Easy Mock, PMD/Checkstyle/Sonarcube, SVN/GIT
  • Conversant with scripting using Unix and/or Python and/or Groovy
  • Experience working with Angular 1.x and/or Angular2 or higher, React V15/16 or higher and Polymer
  • Experience with Jasmine/Chai/Mocha, Karma, Angular CLI, Gulp/Grunt, NPM and/or Bower, Webpack/Brwoserify
  • Profiles on Hackkerank, Hackerearth, GeekforKeeks or TechGig

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