IT Recruitment: just talent or a smart process?

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Deciding to look for new job opportunities is always a serious decision. Nowadays, the need to find a job that balances your personal life with a more fulfilling career is what anyone desires, and it’s no different for IT professionals.

As a software developer, surely you must have many approaches and all types of enticing promises from different IT companies. But that can actually make things harder for candidates, as it’s time consuming to assess which opportunities actually interest you.

Recruitment processes can take many weeks, even months. They are expensive and can be delayed or put on hold for various reasons. Anything can happen and there are many factors that can cause great frustration on both ends, not to mention the market competitiveness for IT talent. 

This is how we recruit.

Between assessing all job applications, selecting your resumé, and meetings with different key people within the organization and position to which you are applying, there’s more to a recruitment process than meets the eye.

When Polarising approaches someone we strive to do it differently. First, because we aren’t an outsourcing company, although from time to time we do respond to a business partner specific need for specialized IT professionals.

Polarising is a technology IT Services company that hires long term professionals. Not just because we want to invest in technically excellent people, but foremost because it is their potential that makes our company the greater project of all.

“Recruiting in the IT sector has always been a challenge since it’s one of the most dynamic and increasingly competitive job markets. There is much more demand than supply, which requires that the sourcing for talent must be attractive and effective. Our goal is not to lose focus and to always keep in mind that Polarising is made of people, so we try to reach candidates not only because they have certain technical skills but also because we consider they combine perfectly with our dynamics and culture.” (Eliana Casaca, HR Specialist & Talent Accquisition).

Eliana gives her testimonial to Talent at a job fair, introducing Polarising and talking about our recruitment process.

Your talent, our unique process.

Polarising’s recruitment process is designed by experienced HR professionals to incorporate the market changes, recruitment trends and social contexts, like for example, the pandemic crisis we face in the last two years and from which organizations are still recovering.  

Our recruitment process starts by selecting the candidates thoroughly before we approach them. These candidates can come from different sources, like an internal recommendation, job fairs or other third-party initiatives, spontaneous applications from Polarising’s website, and social media pages, especially LinkedIn.

And of course, from the relentless sourcing work of the HR team which goal is to be agile and simplify the process itself, since we know that in this area people become unavailable very quickly. So, after establishing the first contact and the candidates interest to meet, the recruitment process begins, and the first of two meetings happen.

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Polarising’s HR Team.
Top left to right: Inês Granja, Daniel Lambuça and Eliana Casaca.
Bottom left to right: Marisa Aleixo and Catarina Flaminio.

In the words of HR Specialist Catarina Flamínio, “Polarising’s recruitment process is designed to be fast and effective. We like to optimize time and that’s why our interview is so complete: we can assess both soft skills and cultural fit, as well as the technical skills that each PL requires to their team. In case we need a deeper technical validation, we do it, but typically the process flows very well and 90% of the candidates who do the interview agree to move on to the next phase.”

5 Practices of expertise in IT Services.

When you join Polarising, you will be integrated in a specialized team called “Practice”. We are internally organized this way so that we can match the candidates’ skills to the most challenging project, bringing added value with each one’s unique skills to grow within a team. Currently, Polarising has 6 Practices:

  • Agile & Business
  • Microsoft End-to-end solutions
  • MuleSoft Integration
  • WSO2 Integration
  • TIBCO & Data Integration
  • Open Source, Frontend & Mobile, Devops.

This also allows our clients and partners to trust that Polarising will provide the most qualified and tailored IT Services team to deliver the best software solutions to their businesses.

So, what really makes our IT Services team different?

What’s significant and differentiates Polarising’s recruitment process for talented IT professionals is the promise that we will create a strong relationship and work for a common purpose:

“At Polarising, soft skills are as or even more important than technical skills. We work with people and for people, so we put great value on this assessment in the recruitment process. Polarising’s culture is made of mutual help, proximity, love for learning and lots of parties! As such, it is essential for us to understand if the person we are recruiting identifies with our values so that we can maintain what defines us as a company. (Inês Granja, HR Specialist & Talent Acquisition)

In the first meeting, the HR Specialist and the Practice Lead or a designated consultant will interview the candidate. We’ll explore your experience, technical background, soft skills, expectations from both ends, and leave room for questions.

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After this and if we both match, a second meeting is scheduled with Polarising’s CFO to make you a financial proposal. Well, the die is cast: from here on, the entire recruitment process at Polarising takes on average one to two weeks.

We have been stressing how important it is to resonate with Polarising’s culture: are you autonomous and proactive? Do you wish to elevate your skill set and boost your experience? Is your work life balance a top priority for you? If there is a sentence that best defines us is “Happier People, Stronger People”!

Throughout Polarising’s recruitment process, the one thing you can be sure of is that we’ll guarantee you total and honest feedback. Even if you didn’t get the job. But we are sure you will! Take your chances with Polarising and be part of an amazing IT Services team.

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