Integrated Management System Policy

Integrated Management System Policy

Polarising’s Integrated Management System Policy constitutes a common basis for all its departments, enabling the adoption of organisational security standards, effective practices in the management of Information Security and Quality and providing confidence in the communications and inter-organisational relationships within the company to obtain correct performance of its business processes.

Polarising is committed to adopting the best practices for Information Security and Quality management, using the ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 standards as a reference.
Our Integrated System Policy describes the general principles that must be applied by the functional areas of the company, making the following commitments:

Information Security & Quality development strategy

Establish an Information Security and Quality development strategy and plans, measuring and evaluating the results achieved, to ensure that the objectives are met and their effectiveness and continuous improvement.

Integrity, Confidentiality & Availability

Implement and maintain mechanisms and procedures that ensure the adequate integrity, confidentiality, and availability of the information in its information systems, the management of its businesses and the satisfaction of its stakeholders needs, with the objective of maintaining the credibility and trust of Polarising.

Periodic Assessment

Ensure a periodic assessment of the information systems risk exposure and prepare mitigation plans and corrective actions.

Physical safeguarding

Implement and maintain mechanisms and procedures aimed at ensuring the physical safeguarding of its information systems and the information contained therein, as well as ensuring disaster recovery and business continuity.


Comply with applicable legislation and regulations applicable to Polarising’s business.

Security breaches reporting

Ensure the existence of mechanisms for the reporting of security breaches by users and procedures for their analysis and resolution.

Best IT security practices

Apply internationally recognised best IT security practices and standards and ensure compliance with them by all partners and those involved in the design, development, acquisition, and maintenance of Polarising’s information systems.

Supervision and Monotoring

Promote the supervision and monitoring of the entities that intervene in the operations at Polarising, regarding compliance with the requirements, established procedures and achievement of planned results, with a view to permanent quality improvement.

Polarising employees

To be known by all the employees who use the information processing resources owned or controlled by Polarising, and each one is responsible for complying with it.

Polarising employees

To be followed by all Polarising employees and to act in accordance with the Integrated Management System Policy and with the other documents related to IMS that have been implemented.

Version History

Version 1 — 15/03/2023