At the Front-end Meetup in Lisbon

Last 5th of April, some of us at Polarising attended the Front-end Lisbon MeetUp. The event sponsored by De Voorhoede, front-end specialists, introduced Progressive web Apps and Scalable Vector Graphics to audience. In the first talk, clearly targeted to a design audience, Jurgen Beliën showed how tools like Illustrator and Sketch can generate Scalable Vector Graphics. Jurgen also helped us identifying some pitfalls when working with that tools. His presentation can be found here.
The second talk, already deep into the Progressive Web Apps, was presented by Declan Rek, proving how Service Workers can help to boost website performance with selective and asynchronous caching in his work at website. Declan also revealed that websites with offline support and push notifications are now becoming a reality. He finishes his talk displaying some worldwide Progressive Web Apps samples and what to avoid when developing new Web Apps. His talk can be found here.
It was an evening well spent, not just learning but also networking and having some cool beer:) Can’t wait for the next meetup.
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