Final whistle for Portugal but a promise to return.

Do you rather watch great football even if it means loosing the game or that your team wins although they perform poorly in the field? This is how most Portuguese fans are dealing with the disappointment of our elimination from the World Cup. Some of us are even clinging to the hope that, at least, Brazil will carry the Portuguese language further in the competition.
UEFA evaluated  Portugal’s national team participation and not everything is bad. Reaching the knock-out phase is becoming a habit, since Cristiando Ronaldo joins a strict group of players that scored in four World Cup final stages, and together with Bastian Schweinsteiger, is the player with most matches (38) in the Euro and Word Cup final stages.
Even so, Portugal showed genuine support to the players at their arrival to the Lisbon airport; although there was some frustration we still watched great moments, all of us remember Ronaldo’s last minute free-kick against Spain and Quaresma’s bending goal against Iran.

Some might say that Portugal depends on Cristiano Ronaldo. Of course! Every team would depend on the best player to have the best results. But the truth is that in every major competition there’s a generation of good players that appears in the squad showing that the future is assured, such as Renato Sanches and Raphael Gerreiro in 2016, and this year we had Bernardo Silva and Gonçalo Guedes too.
We also mustn’t forget that some promising national teams like Germany, Spain and Argentina haven’t gone further than Portugal. So my advise to you now is to be proud of our national team and keep your scarf next to you, because soon we will be  watching the european qualifiers for 2020 Euro and a new competition called UEFA Nations League! Just play ball!

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