The era of real time data: looking at Tibco StreamBase

Nowadays devices, sensors and applications are publishing data about events at the moment they are created. Processing data and making real time decisions about these events requires a new kind of solution: Stream processing.

“Sense, Analyze, and Respond
Companies are always interested in improving their business processes, providing customers and business partners with innovative ways to interact. As a matter of fact, a business process is nothing more than “an organized way of sensing, analyzing, and responding to the enterprise’s ecosystem.”
The most recent innovation applied to this pattern – sense, analyze and respond – is to perform these activities in real time. Obviously,  a company can react to customer needs and change business conditions in real time, this can deliver extreme value to its customers.
The solution for these business cases is Stream processing, where data needs to be “processed fast and / or continuously, i.e. reactions have to be computed and initiated in real time.”
TIBCO StreamBase
Several frameworks and products, like Apache Storm, Apache Spark and IBM InfoSphere Streams, just to name a few, currently offer Stream processing solutions, but one of the most competitive options in the market is TIBCO StreamBase. This high-performance system rapidly builds applications that analyze and act on real-time streaming data. It offers a new type of computing platform designed specifically to meet the performance requirements of high-volume, real-time streaming applications.

This TIBCO product offers developers a way to build and deploy real-time systems in a quick and easy way:

Operators and Adapters

At the core of this computing platform there is an “ultra-low-latency application server optimized for processing real-time streaming event data at high throughput’s and low latency (usually in-memory)”.
StreamBase provides a set of operators (data processing units) for filtering, aggregating, correlating, time windows processing, transforming, etc, that you can add and configure to apply your business logic to the streaming data.
StreamBase also “offers out-of-the-box connectivity to plenty of streaming data sources.” These adapter programs (connectors) perform “the conversion from an external source (such as a stock market data feed) into the StreamBase protocol.” 

Stream Data Processing (SDP): constant stream of data flowing from a source.
Stream: unbounded sequence of data items or records.
Complex Event Processing (CEP): computational activity that is driven by events.
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