Did data help Europe become greener?

The 2019 European elections results reflect the current way of thinking in Europe. Traditional parties are loosing influence, far-right parties gain ground following their speech on migrants and terrorism and, not surprisingly, green parties were the 4th political group with 9%. Climate justice surely influenced the 2019 European elections. I believe most people felt it was necessary to take a stand on climate issues.

The scientific community is already aware of how ill the planet is and the United Nations have set climate action as one of their top priorities. Europe, as the rest the world, is suffering the consequences of climate change, which inevitably affects economy and people’s well-being. Most European climate challenges are related to extreme temperatures, forest and species protection, water competition and ocean’s sustainability and transition to renewable energy. Check this great infographic.

Did you know that temperature in Europe‘s land area has increased 1.6 °C since pre-industrial decades?

Did you know that greenhouse gas emissions in the EU decreased 22% since 1990 and they’re expected to decrease to 26% in 2020?

Did you know that researchers measured the Mediterranean sea and concluded there is a floating plastic item for each 4 m2?

These are only a few facts provided by data science which show that Europe’s politics must turn greener and it’s possible to do it. I think that European governments and multinational companies are finally listening.

Very often I hear news about people’s protests for environment protection, claiming for government decisions to reduce carbon emissions and become more ambitious in what concerns to climate issues. One of the most recent media strikes was lead by a Swedish teenager, Greta Thunberg‘s. Her powerful speech inspired many young students; her strong and undeniable arguments gave her the opportunity to speak in many important events, including the UN Climate Change Conference.

Funnily enough, green parties in her own country only elected 2 out of 20 available seats for the European parliament. But many other countries elected a total of 69 “green” European deputies, for which Germany, France and the United Kingdom have contributed the most.

Facts were presented by data science and Europeans made an option, let’s hope Europe becomes eco-friendly.

Pedro Marques
Polarising Consultant

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