Cloud (nine) computing.

Some of us attended the Tech Lab that Red Hat hosted in Lisbon on Application Development at the end of last year. When it comes to a practical view on AD in a containerized world, Red Hat has a lot to say and show, in fact, its recent acquisition by IBM is mainly due to it.
The initial approach was on OpenShift, that allows the management of containers, providing a unified interface whether on physical servers, virtual machines, private clouds (OpenStack or public clouds) and AWS or Azure.
Although Red Hat was recently acquired by IBM, the technology, platforms and products show that the company’s ADN is strong and here to stay. Products such Apache OpenWhisk – a serverless platform that performs functions in response to events – Service Mesh – a multiple microservice management application – and Istio – the sidecar container to collect metrics, security and traffic management – stared in this lab that demystified the notion that containers are difficult objects to manage. The demo focused in showing the result of an invocation and their conjugation in a sequence of functions to obtain the desired results.
The evolution of cloud technology is on top of the agenda, especially in the integration area. There has been a lot of talk and buzzwords such as microservices, FaaS, Service Mesh, that can be confusing if they stay at a theoretical level but, who knows, partners like Polarising may grab the wave and ride the  future cloud technology!

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