Champions Academy at Instituto Politécnico de Leiria

Since we’ve launched the Champions brand, the Academies have became even more exciting at Polarising! Not only we have the most cool and differentiated communication supports, but also our students bring more of what they always have delivered: true passion and commitment to the program. IMG_5385

That was exactly what I saw at Instituto Superior de Leiria (IPL) last Tuesday, 10th of May. It was our first stop from a roadshow that is only ending in September, when our next Academy begins. And the conditions couldn’t be more favourable: we were welcomed by the teachers Ricardo Martinho and Marisa Maximiano, that made it possible for Polarising to participate in this conference and present itself as one of the best technology companies to work in the future. Our CEO Nuno Vilar Moreira delivered a high-level presentation on our business and I was given the opportunity to introduce the Champions Academy program and talk a bit more about the Polarising culture.

But the highlight of this event were our two colleagues Nelson Neves and André Ferreira, former Academy students (because at Polarising you never stop being a Champion, even after you graduate!), talking about their experience to other students, future IT professionals. Their testimonial was so genuine and confident that I was truly moved and felt really proud. They have spoken about their 1st interview, the Academy environment and the excellence of their mentors (specially during the most intensive training period), and also about the technologies they specialized in and the real projects where they were integrated during the Academy. In fact, since Polarising has customers worldwide, they considered it an even more interesting company to be in and to grow with.

I am sure that this is only the beginning! Stay tuned with Polarising as we will be on the road and who knows, your university will be next!

Marisa Aleixo

Polarising HR Manager

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