Champions Academy 4th edition: call for papers!

The registrations for the September Champions Academy are now officially open! balao_FINAL

This is already the 4th edition and we are very pleased with the results: from the fifteen (15) graduates we had from every edition so far, ten (10) were recruited to join Polarising as Junior Consultants. You see, for us it only makes sense to have an Academy if it is to retain talent and that starts right in the selection process. Two of these new recruits are foreigner and one of our goals for the next years is to raise this number, since Polarising’s projects are 90% international.
Of course the Graduation or Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Electronic and Computing Engineering is mandatory, but the most important is that all Polarising aspiring champions are passionate about technology, since we specialize in Business Services based on Java Spring and Integration Services based on TIBCO, both very demanding and unique technologies. Their level of creativity and commitment during the learning process is also something we value a great deal.  The Champions Academy training plan has three modules:
1. Reception and Integration. The HR team introduces our culture, internal procedures and business model and conducts a series of soft skills exercises that allow ‘academists’ to interact with each other, ask questions, set their own personal academy goals and have some fun doing it!
2. Technical Training. The purpose is to transmit all the empiric knowledge they need to master the technologies we work with, as well as hands-on exercises and quick test quizzes.  It is a one month intensive training at our office given by our most experienced senior consultants.
3. Shadowing is a best-practice that we have started this year and it has proven to be very effective both ways – the students get to live the daily life of a consultant, to watch how projects are managed and get a clear picture of their future professional selves; and for senior consultants it’s an amazing opportunity to refresh all their knowledge and kick-off their motivation! This is done both at the office as onsite, depending on the project and the current conditions.
Above all, we want these young people to have a great and positive start to an exciting future. And what better company that Polarising?! Each edition of the Champions Academy has only 10 vacancies, so make sure your seat is booked for September!
Hope to meet you all soon, Champions-to-be, so go to our Champions Academy page and submit your application or contact us directly to

Marisa Aleixo

Polarising HR Manager

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