La Redoute

Building market-leading software solutions. 

“Polarising has a great team of professionals, always seeking to improve and deliver the best solutions. Their training in Core Spring is tailored and transversal to the full stack, also providing inspiration and market vision on microservices architecture. Polarising is a trusted partner with whom La Redoute is currently evaluating the support to the microservices architecture implementation.”

Antoine Craske, La Redoute IT Development Center Manager

The Client And Our Story

La Redoute, a French retailer specialized in ready to wear apparel and home décor, evolved its business from a catalogue sales model to an e-commerce platform that has an average of 7 million visitors every month.

To help their IT Services become aligned with the company’s overall digital strategy, Polarising delivers integration and software development solutions, as well as empowers La Redoute’s technical team with the right skills to successfully implement the company’s e-commerce services.

Integrated E-Commerce Platform

Their business relies on a platform developed in TIBCO technology, critical to integrate the several systems that support their entire operation. Polarising provides the Integration services that optimize the total cost of ownership and lead time of their e-commerce platform.

Open-Source Application Modernization

La Redoute chose the Spring Framework as the right solution to get a wide range of benefits that leverage their overall business growth. Polarising delivers the service that allows their quick time-to-market and reduction of application maintenance costs, also contribuiting to the enhancement of the customer experience through richer APIs and consumption.

Core Spring Training

La Redoute in-house development found it necessary to increase their knowledge of Spring Framework and seek certification. The Core Spring training provided by Polarising included the Java full-stack and framework best practices, allowing the team to improve service delivery, and providing a more robust and scalable components.

Our client’s tech that works.

Tweak needed to accommodate software standalone projects such as library updates and code versions. They also needed to move some tasks to cloud computing. All of this demanded extra resources in a short to a medium period. Nearshoring was the right solution to allow them the flexibility to work on multiple projects without the need for reworking costs.

Polarising, a proud member of TAP’s steering committee regarding CTIP (Common IT Platform), helped them to establish effective Amadeus Web Service connections to enhance their client’s experience.

Polarising is the long-time partner that provides Core Spring training to develop their technical teams professional skills and leverage the company growth.