BPM Conference Portugal 2017 – Immersive Process Systems

Hello and welcome to the second part of our recap of BPM Conference Portugal 2017. In the first installment, I mentioned games and BPM Processes for this one. Because this is actually a more sensory experience than mere gaming, BPM can gain from this insight.
Games and BPM?! Immersive Processes!
You did not expect that now, did you? Well neither did I. I love to be pleasantly surprised and having my horizons expanded like this.
First of all, it turns out that there is an Australian researcher (Ross Brown) whose latest research involves the development of virtual world technology for the representation of business process information.
His talk is interesting by itself. What I’m especially fond of is his ability to converge two seemingly different areas of expertise, Business Processes and Virtual Interaction.

Only modelling?
Unsurprisingly, no. This approach is not limited to modelling. Humans are, by virtue of our species evolution, spatial reasoning animals.
In addition, when you think of it, it might make sense to interact with processes and their multiple aspects in this manner. Take monitoring for example, the speaker has contributed to BPM Monitoring and Profiling software like the one below.


  • It can facilitate adoption, by removing cognitive barriers to reasoning about processes
  • The Business Processes are harder to ignore if they can be accessed and visualized easily
  • Execution visualization. Who wants to read logs when you can see the process?
  • Promotes optimization due to having less cognitive barriers

On part three, we go back to the real world, but not completely. While the lines between what is real and virtual keep getting mixed, we’ll interact with …. robots?
Seems like this has nothing to do with BPM?? Stay tuned!

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