Going Digital and Open with RedHat

The first RedHat Digital Enterprise Conference took place yesterday, right here in Lisbon. It was very interesting and entertaining, since it brought up some key aspects that challenge Enterprises nowadays:

  1. Why change to an OpenSource backed solution with RedHat
  2. The case for Enterprise OpenSource
  3. Why now?

Nowadays, enterprise IT has to be agile or the whole company may face the penalty for not reacting fast enough. In the old days, IT (especially infrastructure) was slow and cumbersome. But this does not have to be the case today. In the era of Digital Disruption, you have to be quick to react.
Digital Disruption
With the advent of many OpenSource container technologies like Docker, Openshift, OpenStack and RedHat CloudForms (a particularly interesting tool that abstracts the complexity of on-premise or public private, mixed or public cloud), your business can be a tool to leverage your ideas and not stifle them.
Many interesting use cases and partner presentations supported this and showed that even in smaller markets, there’s a growing need and interest on these Open and Digital technologies. From SIBS to Cetelem to IDC, it was interesting (especially for me that worked ten years ago in an OpenSource consulting company and heard a lot of naysayers and disbelievers) to see that RedHat is a major player in the IT world of today and tomorrow.
For more information regarding the agenda and the venue, you can follow the link here.


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