AWSome Day @Lisbon, the Amazon Web Services Event

Last May 18th, AWS (Amazon Web Services), pioneer and leading provider of cloud services, held the AWSome Day event in Lisbon, a full day tour of its services. Since Polarising is keeping a close watch on the cloud space, I was very interested to hear what they had to say and the maturity of AWS’ services has definitely impressed me; I’m now seriously skeptical of companies that say they can’t move to the cloud or that they’d get little benefit out of it, whether it’s because of security, compliance or auditing requirements.
For companies like Polarising, it’s important to be up-to-date on technologies like the cloud; attending this event is a great step in that direction. Without this knowledge, we couldn’t help our customers in turning technology into competitive advantage.
In conclusion, Cloud, whether private or public, will definitely be one of the defining technologies of the foreseeable future. Trends like the Internet of Things and Big Data require companies to be agile, which simply isn’t possible with traditional models. Events like AWS’ AWSome Day are important for understanding the cloud landscape and Polarising will continue to be aware and present at such events.
Polarising Consultant

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