Angular Meetup in Lisbon

Last March 27, André Ferreira, Nuno Marques, Christiano Domingues and I went to AngularJS Portugal’s Angular PT Meetup, where we learned some cool things about Angular 2.
In the first talk, Rocking Forms on Angular by Daniel Leal, he talked about template-driven and react/model-driven forms and the benefits (especially when it comes to testing) of using the latter. The presentation slides can be accessed here, with the respective demo code available.
In the 2nd presentation, with the subject Making your Angular apps fast, the creator of the (excellent) module angular-translate and Angular Developer Expert nominated by Google, Pascal Precht (wearing one of his trademark caps) talked about performance optimization in Angular applications. You can read about this subject, with that day’s presentation being a combination of these two posts. In each one of these articles, available in the blog of thoughtram, of which Pascal is a co-founder, it is possible to see the steps done to achieve the final result, along with benchmarks of the processing improvements. Despite these examples having a very specific practical application, the use of zones to optimize DOM evaluations provides a very clear benefit when you only want to refresh a limited amount of data.
It was a great end to our workday, allowing us to learn some useful Angular approaches to data processing that can prove themselves helpful to our work!
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