6 podcasts for IT professionals.

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First, there was radio, then the Podcast! Before the internet (wow, was there such a time?… yes, there was.) you also had choices, but not as many subjects and platforms, and especially, available to you on-demand.

There are podcasts to all tastes and from different areas. You can either listen to them as entertainment, to learn about a new thing, or because you like to know people you consider relevant on subjects that matter to you.

But just by browsing on google and Spotify, we’ve realized that there is so much interesting stuff to choose from.

So, here’s a list of 6 Podcasts for IT professionals that are promising: let us know if you enjoyed!

Simple Programmer Podcast.

There’s nothing like a successful software developer sharing his tips on how you can become one! Listen to his guests and testimonials on technology topics, soft skills, and even some career advice. 

Um sobre Zero (a portuguese podcast).

It’s not just about science and technology, although these topics are the core of this podcast. Each episode has a guest or more, and there are many interesting interviews and reflections about topics like Cybersecurity, Mental health, Innovation, etc.

Your undivided attention.

Part of the amazing podcast collection TED Audio Collective, this podcast is about the power technology has and how it’s changing our present and future. The hosts invite us to reflect on current situations and defy us to think and take our own conclusions.

The big technology podcast.

As the name states, this is big! It invites all sorts of players in the tech industry, from founders and CEOs to IT programmers and developers, providing an inside view to important projects, businesses, and subjects.

Techmeme ride home.

If you want to have a quick overview about the tech world, just listen to this 15-minute news podcast from Silicon Valley, where all the (tech) action is.

Darknet Diaries.

This is heavy stuff, and you can actually learn how to crack a code or think about joining the cybercrime! Nah, just great storytelling in the first person 😉

The thing about podcasts is they are available on apps and streaming platforms, and you can download them at your convenience. Better yet, they allow you to multitask, so maybe today is the day that you’ll iron that pile of clothing standing there for sooo long!

Tell us, do you listen to any of these? Leave your suggestions and comments.

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